What we do

Monolith offers a complete understanding and mastery of technology combined with a great deal of marketing and brand management expertise, to optimize conversion at every step of the consumer path to purchase


Create conversation with the right content and good distribution.

  • solid insights (by scanning all trends, keywords, most read/shared topics/articles by category)
  • writing articles/content optimized for the digital web and for mobile
  • SEO of articles
  • call to action in all content (links to sites/share/like)
  • increasing content according to targets


Build interest or desire around your brand.

  • identify real influencers in the world of luxury, fashion and beauty
  • cultivate word of mouth around your brand and its products
  • optimize social media presence and encourage action: listen, plan, engage


An optimization guarantee whatever the KPI

  • site visits
  • e-commerce
  • store locater
  • pre-order
  • in-store traffic